I've done hundreds of Indie albums and thousands of recording sessions. Here's a partial list of clients.

Barry Cuda
Ben Harrison
Bill Blue
Blake Hunter
Bob Estes
Captain Tony Terracino
Carl Hiaasen
Chris Rehm
Chris Clifton
Commercial VO: Ford, Brillo, GM, TV Guide, Lifetime Channel, Lily pharmacuetical, etc.
CW Colt
Dan Mobley
Dave Burns
Din Allen, Quint Lange, Woody Allen AKA The Survivors
Egidio Balzola and Oriente
Faust and Lewis
Gove Scrivenor
Howard Livingston
Hugo Duarte
Island Alex
James Slater
Jared Hobgood
Jimmy Buffet (demos for Floridays, Last Mango in Paris)
Joel Nelson
Kenny Drew Jr.
Larry Smith
Marian Joy Ring
Melody Cooper
Michael Hughes
Michael Justis
Michael McCloud
Pat and Deb
Pete and Wayne
Randy Roberts
Rich in Spirit
Richard Crooks
Rick Steffen
Sam Anderson
Scott Kirby
Shel Silverstein (dozens of demos)
Shimpei Inoue
Steve Clark
Terry Cassidy
Wyatt Hurts