Future 26 is the website for me, Dan Simpson. I live in Asheville, North Carolina. I'm a musician, composer/arranger/ producer, visual artist, audio engineer, sound system designer/ builder, maker, and general electron smith. Not necessarily in that order.

A bit of history...

I was born in Western Pennsylvania, but didn't start realizing my potential until I hitch-hiked to Key West in 1978 with 50 bucks. Key West and I grew up into the 21st century together... I always had a recording studio, sound company and repair/ install service starting around 1981, and I was the go-to engineer and tech for musicians, bands, theaters, video companies, events, churches, symphonies, chorales, conferences, the KW International Airport, businesses, boats, bars and restaurants. Along the way, I played bass and guitar in many bands, discovered computers, and surprised everyone... including myself... by developing my own style as a visual artist.

I moved from Key West to Asheville in March 2017 where I continue to do audio and art. I have a studio set up, some good sound gear, and ongoing work with the Key West Literary Seminar, the Sun Valley Writers' Conference, the Key West Songwriters Festival, and the Key West Musicians Festival. I have done gigs around Asheville, and will be doing more. Musically, I'm exploring new horizons with my trusty LinnStrument using a large, crazy assortment of synthesizers both physical and virtual.

Contact: privateear@gmail.com