Future 26 is the website for me, Dan Simpson. I live in Asheville, North Carolina. I'm a musician, composer/arranger/ producer, visual artist, audio engineer, sound system designer/ builder, maker, and general electron smith. Not necessarily in that order.

Contact: privateear@gmail.com

A bit of history if you’re curious...

I was born in Western Pennsylvania, but didn't start realizing my potential until I hitch-hiked to Key West in 1978 with 50 bucks. Key West and I grew up into the 21st century together... I always had a recording studio, sound company and repair/ install service starting around 1981, and I was the go-to engineer and tech for musicians, bands, theaters, video companies, events, churches, symphonies, chorales, conferences, the KW International Airport, businesses, boats, bars and restaurants. Along the way, I played bass and guitar in many bands, discovered computers, and surprised everyone... including myself... by developing my own style as a visual artist.

I moved from Key West to Asheville in March 2017 where I continue my exploration of art and music. I’m so happy to have found an inspiring home in the mountains filled with creative people who have a deep respect and love for art in all its forms. Including, as I have discovered, the art of brewing some of the best beer I’ve had the pleasure to drink!